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Professional Development for authorised witnesses

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Our aim is to provide affordable professional development for authorised witnesses. 

Our approach is simple; if you are a member of an affiliated JP Association in Australia, you may gain access to our training modules through your association. If you are not a member of an affiliated JP Association we then levy a small fee (to cover our costs) for you to access our professional development suite. 

Currently, this service is to NSW, Western Australia, and the ACT, but we are expanding to cover jurisdictions that have a need.

The online professional development Learning Management System (LMS) is available at an affordable cost of:
AUD$30 for the "Training Module"
AUD$10 for the  "Knowledge Test" 

This is for twelve months access. 

Organisations that have JPs in their workplace should contact us to negotiate a corporate rate for access to this LMS.

Click on "Enter our professional development site" button to go to our online professional development for authorised witnesses.