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Professional Development for Justices of the Peace

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You have a few choices. Check for Justice of the Peace Associations in your jurisdiction. Do they have a training program that suits your needs? If so, consider joining this association.

If they do not offer training or you prefer not to join, then consider JP Guru. A business, whose aim is to provide affordable professional development for JPs. 

Our approach is simple; if you are a member of a registered JP Association in Australia, you gain access to our JP training module through your association. If you are not a member of a JP Association we then levy a fee for you to access our professional development suite. 

Currently, this service is to NSW JPs, but we will expand to cover jurisdictions that have a need.

The online professional development Learning Management System (LMS) is available at an affordable cost of:
AUD$30 for the "Training Module"
AUD$10 for the  "Knowledge Test" 

This is for twelve months access. 

Organisations that have JPs in their workplace should contact JP Guru to negotiate a corporate rate for access to this LMS.

Click on "Association Sites" button to find a JP association in your jurisdiction. 

Click on "Enter JP Guru site" button to go to the JP Guru online professional development for JPs.